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I have decided to be a full-time blogger, so I recently bought a domain from Godaddy. I was using free Wordpress back then and it's kinda expensive for me to use it as my web host. 

The good news is Blogger is one of many free web hosting companies, whether you have your own domain or not. 

I did some research and exported my contents from Wordpress to Blogger.

Here are the simple steps: 
-Go to your Wordpress account.
-Choose which blog you want to transfer (if you have more than 1 blog).
-Go to dashboard.

-Then, go to tools and click export

-Choose between Guided Transfer or Export ( I chose export)

-Click start export
-Next, choose what would you like to export: all content, posts, pages, etc. (I chose all content)

-Finally, click download export file.
*the export file will be downloaded to your device. Make sure that you save it.

-Log in to your blogger or create a new account (if you don't have).
-First, go to your blogger's dashboard.
-Go to settings, click others.
-In the page you will see Import & back up.
-Then, click Import Content.

*Make sure you saved the downloaded file from wordpress in your computer.
-Next, answer the security question (CAPTCHA)

-Finally, click import from computer
-Wait for all the contents to be transferred.
-And you're done. Welcome to blogger. :)

-Followers from wordpress will not be exported.
-You need to edit some stuff like the size of pictures, spacing, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Good to know! Looks so easy to do, thanks for sharing!

    Pammy - joyfulsource.com

  2. You have made it look so easy. Clean website. loved it

  3. Congratulations on taking the next step as a blogger. Best of luck to you!

  4. This is the good way to export blog on blogger, but i think wordpress is best.

  5. this is a good technique to transfer the blog,although i am a fan of wordpress.

  6. Ok, thanks for the tip, but what is the advantage in doing so?

  7. Thanks for sharing! I've been using Blogger as my platform since I started. It is easy. But I always hear that WordPress is awesome. I haven't had time to try but as far as I can write, I'll never leave Blogger. Hihi.


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  9. I tried to export my blog posts from Wordpress free to Blogger but I failed. It took forever for file to be uploaded. Haha! I just selected blog post that I want to transfer and manually copy paste them to my Blogger. I don't know why it didn't work out on my Blogger. Haha!

    1. I also failed the first time.. Try to unclik the box under the CPATCHA (Automatically post.....) and you'll be good..