A New Ramen-tastic Place

Agara Ramen is the newest #WheretoEat place in Baguio City; it'll welcome ramen lovers on its grand opening on September 8.

We all know that ramen is one of the well-known Japanese foods around the world. Thanks to Agara Ramen, people of Baguio can now have a glimpse of noodle houses in Japan. Agara Ramen's interior is industrial accented with a brick mural and a patterned tiled wall. Just like in Japanese ramen bars Agara Ramen has the red lanterns and the welcome curtain that indicates they're ready to serve you. Of course, you'll enjoy your bowl of ramen with background music of Japanese jazz, hip-hop, and rap. 


A bowl of authentic Ramen in the Philippines will cost you around 450+ php. In Agara Ramen you can order a hearty bowl of your favorite authentic ramen for as low as 280 php. Agara Ramen offers deeply satisfying ramen at a really reasonable price.

Before you order a bowl of ramen make sure to know the 3 basic ramen flavors:

1.) Shio (salt)
2.) Shoyu (soy sauce)
3.) Miso (fermented soybean paste)


Agara Ramen offers 6 ramen styles:

a.) Tantanmen: A well balanced spicy pork broth soup in sesame seed paste. Enjoy the unique "nutty taste" combination of the chili oil and sesame seed for only 320 php. 

b.) Miso Ramen: with a base of strong pork miso soup this ramen is a little bit salty. Have a bowl of the King of Ramen for only 320php.

c.) Tonkotsu Shoyu: The "thick and milky" broth of this came from the combination of the soy sauce and pork broth. Enjoy a bowl of tonkotsu shoyu ramen for only 290 php. 

d.) Tonkotsu Shio: This ramen has a sea salt base and pork broth, like its brother, tonkotsu shoyu this ramen has "thick and milky" broth too. Try this ramen for only 280 per bowl. 

e.) Tsukemen: dipping ramen/noodle. The ramen noodles and broth are served separately. For only 299 per bowl you'll experience how flavorful the livestock and vegetable broth are.

f.) Chuka Soba: my favorite! :) This ramen has pork, chicken, fish, and vegetable broth. The interesting mixture gives every noodle a strong taste. If you want "healthy" ramen then you might wanna consider this ramen because the Chuka soba noodles are lower in fat compared to ramen noodles (it's not fried in oil before they are dried).


Shoyu Tamago (Soyed Egg)

Sir Kyle preparing ramen for the blogger and influencers of Baguio


Agara Ramen is an inspirational brand and a very ambitious venture of Ray and Keith Costa, who were also behind the 2600 Gastropub, Heneral Barber Shop & Chiqueen located at PNR and Lower QM, Baguio City. 

Agara Ramen Master: Ray Costa

Agara Ramen is located at the Ground floor of Rancho Guillermo Building (beside Maybank), North Drive, Engineer's Hill, Baguio City.

Agara Ramen is open 11AM - 12MN from Mondays to Thursdays and 11AM - 2AM from Fridays to Saturdays. 


For more info about Agara Ramen, you can contact them at agararamen@gmail.com.

Don't forget to follow them on their social media accounts:
FB: fb.com/AgaraRamen
FB Group: fb.com/groups/AgaraRamenHeads
Instagram & Twitter: @AgaraRamen
Use their official hashtags: #AgaraRamen #AgaraRamenHeads

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