How to Check Your Facebook Followers or Likers

Facebook keeps on changing its design, layout, features, settings, etc. from time to time. I think these changes will not actually hurt your page, but will definitely give you a lot of confusion.

As a facebook page owner, it's important for me to update myself of all these changes every now and then. One of the changes that I saw is that; Facebook made it difficult to check or see our followers or likers.

Worry no more because I was able to figure out on how to do it.


1.) Log in to your Facebook account. (account that handles or has an access to your Facebook page).

2.) Go to your Facebook page.  

3.) Click on settings (the upper right side of your page). 

4.) You will be directed to another page. Look for the People and Other Pages tab. 

5.) Click People and Other Pages and Viola! now you can see all your followers or likers.

I hope you find this simple post helpful and if you have any questions feel free to leave them below. J

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