Year of Growth - My 2017

Here's what I can say about my 2017...

A lot of people think that my life in 2017 was perfect. However that was not the case, maybe it's not visible, but I often fail. I failed many times. I fucked up a lot of things, decisions, opportunities, etc. I made a hell of mistakes, but I have no regrets. These all made me stronger and wiser; it helped me to always look onward full of positivity. 

While I was writing this post, I started to recall all good and bad things that transpired during the entire 2017. I cogitated over my choices and realized all the outcomes and it helped me reflect on things and appreciate the little moments in my life. I came to a conclusion that there are no participation rewards in life. No one will care if I worked my ass off. No one will give a damn if I may not go to bed or even get eight hours of sleep.

2017 was my "year of GROWTH", it was my year of personal, social and professional growth. From exploring different things, acquiring new skills and stepping out of my comfort zone, this was a year was full of learning’s.

To everyone who made my 2017 colorful, THANK YOU. To my family, partner, friends (new & old), haters - to everyone, you were all part of this wonderful year. Life is full of surprises and I can't wait to surprise ya'll with my 2018.. 

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