Mangan Taku Food Fair 2021

After taking a break due to the pandemic, the Mangan Taku is finally back. 

Launched in 2019, Mangan Taku was created to celebrate the cuisines & food products of Cordillera. This year, I was one of the lucky participants who experienced the Cordillera culinary journey. 

Green Pepper Dos 
3rd Floor Leonard Wood Terraces, Baguio City
0917 830 5456

The Tangero Wine
-Concoction of rice wine, chili, strawberry & soda water 
-It looks spicy, but it's not, has got a bit of a kick 

-Kiniing Chicken Liver Patè (very delicious and a must-try)
-Red Tomato Jam 
-Yellow Tomato 
(base is cream cheese)

-Combination of kiniing, pinunog (ifugao version), pinikpikan & balatinaw (cooked with coconut milk) 
-Has a weird texture and taste

Highland Arabica Cookie

Bistro Lokal 
306 Upper Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City
0946 092 4649

The Edible Menu
-edible paper with squid ink ( tastes like ostia bread)

The Sourdough Bread 

The Baguio Terarium
-I call it "edible the mini garden". 
-Edible stone, rocks, flowers, and even the soil. It also has baby and microgreens.
-Enjoy it with patis mansi spray.

The Tradition
-Plate full of different flavors and well cooked meat
-Native pork, pinikpikan skin, Cordilleran buo and farse with wild mushroom. 
-It has 3 different kinds of rice, kinnakey, pinuneg powder, dinnaw powder and tapuey reduction. 

The Texture of Strawberry
-I call this extreme strawberry experience.
-This dessert is a combination of meringue, crushed butter cookies, compress strawberry 
and strawberry sorbet.
-Drizzle a little lemon juice to make it tangier

Mangan Taku, came from the word meaning "let us eat". Launched by DOT - CAR and the City Government of Baguio. The Mangan Taku 2021 was held on April 29 - May 2. 

Thank you to Mangan Taku - Cordillera Food Fair.. To DOT - The Cordilleras and Madam Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan, thank you for trusting us.
To Green Pepper Dos & Bistro Lokal, thanks for letting me experience your passion for food. 
Agyaman nak apo. 

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