The Lemon & Olives

When your cravings for Mediterranean food hits, you don’t need to travel far or spend a lot of money and time. Now, you can enjoy the authentic flavorful Mediterranean meal here in Baguio City.  

According to their facebook page; Lemon and Olives' Chef Takis is from Athens, Greece and he uses authentic ingredients that's why you can enjoy a flavorful Mediterranean meal.

Lemon and Olives has been serving Mediterranean cuisine since 2016 and it features Mediterranean specialties such as hummus, osso buco, ekmek, greek yogurt, and tzatziki. 

During our visit, we ordered the Mediterranean pasta (which tasted really good), Greek-style spaghetti (not a fan), french fries (I was surprised by this, I thought they only serve Mediterranean food?), Lemon Ginger Tea (my new fave) and Lemon cucumber juice. 

I like what Lemon and Olives has to offer, they were able to create the "Mediterranean atmosphere". The white and blue color combination reminds me of Santorini in Greece. One of the best things about Lemon and Olives is the al-fresco dining area.

To be honest I wasn't satisfied with the service I got from Lemon and Olives. (watch my TikTok video to know the reason).

To be honest Lemon and Olives got all the things that I'm looking for in a restaurant that's why I'm still giving this place a second chance. I might bring my family here soon once the madness of this pandemic is over. 

Watch my full review here:

Lemon and Olives
#26 Outlook Drive, Baguio City
0917- 890 -6573
Open from 11AM - 8PM

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