Top 5 T-Shirt Mistakes

Let's be honest! The T-shirt has been the must-have for everyone whether you like fashion or not. It's a staple that has been here for a long time, and believe me or not, this fashion staple will not go anywhere and anytime soon. Now let's talk about the common mistakes we  should avoid when wearing T-shirts

1.) Grrr!! with Graphic Shirts

Graphic shirts can truly add color to your outfit if it's minimal. Remember the rule: "too much can hurt much"

2.) Oh! with Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts became popular in the 1920s in Western fashion and now it's becoming a trend again. These oversized shirts look great for someone who is blessed with height because they can pull this trend correctly and easily, but not for a 5.7 guy like me. 

-Go for the right size of the T-shirt which is flattering to your height. The right size of the T-shirt will elevate your outfit. 

3.) Don't do it with DEEP NECK 

I think this is one of the most common mistakes guys commit. I know you want to show those chests that you have been working hard at the gym, but trust me this is not the right shirt for that. 

-Instead of wearing this ridiculous shirt go for the Henely T-shirt instead. 

4.) Too much color

I get it! Your life is colorful, but it doesn't mean your T-shirt should be. Don't be a victim of this common mistake. For the record, these T-shirts are hard to pair and sometimes annoying to the eyes. 

-Choose a T-shirt that contains 2 to 3 colors instead. 

5.) Whoa! with the WRONG COLOR

Trying to rock aT-Shirts with strong colors are also hard to pull. Colors such as bright pink, green, orange, etc are a big no-no! 

-If you want to step up your OOTD with color go for the unsaturated colors instead. 

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