Foodpanda Success Stories: Restaurant Partners Offer A New Experience

BAGUIO, PHILIPPINES -- Foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, helps local businesses by optimizing their operations to better satisfy customer needs. foodpanda has got you covered in the summer capital of the Philippines. Read on for the success stories of three foodpanda restaurant partners who were creative and fearless in taking risks to elevate customer experience:

Christopher So of Ihaw Juan Pinoy Comfort Food

The restaurant's humble beginnings date back in 2012 --- from a food cart business to opening a restaurant so they can further serve customers with more variety. Mr. So and his wife both wanted to serve a Pinoy style shabu-shabu experience, and of course, the ultimate favorite dish of Pinoys which is ihaw-ihaw. And that’s how they came up with the name. (Ihaw Juan = Ihawan “a place to grill”)

“So many crazy things have happened in our restaurant since we opened on a trial and error basis. We are the first to innovate an eat-all-you-can grill on your table concept. We get a sense of fulfillment whenever a client gives us compliments. When you are the innovator, you can’t help but spend money to prove your concept, that’s why it’s important to stick to your passion and never stop believing,” shared Mr. So, owner of Ihaw Juan.

Eunaiza Guzman and Joseph Kitma IV of Milk Tea Express
“It all started last year by selling milk tea in a sari-sari store. At first, we only had a number of customers buying our drinks so we decided to post our milk tea business online. Lo and behold, more people started ordering from us. We experienced a lot of hardships and challenges but that didn’t stop us from achieving our goals. Patience is really important,” said Ms. Guzman, owner of Milk Tea Express.

Ms. Guzman also shared that the best part about having a business is seeing the high number of orders each day as well as seeing new customers' names every day. Their goal is to keep growing their business and be more well-known to the people in Baguio City.

Ramon Jun Lucas of Trinitea Tahoo Buddy
Trinitea Taho Buddy and foodpanda became partners last February 2020. As a taho vendor, it was Mr. Lucas’s dream to build an online taho station. Mr. Lucas came up with the business name “Trinitea“ (from the theological word trinity) because they are selling three products like taho, milk tea, and soy milk.

“I believe that success is a process and failure is inevitable. You always have to prepare yourself to embrace all the failures that you might encounter along the way. You can feel the real meaning of success once you experience the failures of business. Keep in mind that there’s always a GAP between you and success; GAP means Goal, Plan, and Action,” said Mr. Lucas.

All three business owners discussed how foodpanda is helping them in their digital transformation journey. foodpanda has got your restaurant choices covered and is looking to onboard more restaurants this year.

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