Pru Life UK FREE COVID-19 & Personal Accident Insurance

Hi Everyone! I am sharing this helpful & important news to everyone. Pru Life UK an insurance company is giving FREE COVID-19 and PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

Yes, you read it right! FREE INSURANCE that safeguards all Filipinos amid the coronavirus outbreak in our country.

Below are more info & instructions on how to avail the FREE INSURANCE from Pru Like UK.

Under the program, Pru Life UK will offer free accident and death benefit to 500,000 Filipinos, in the unfortunate event, that the individual passes away, including as a result of COVID-19

Health workers are entitled to twice the death coverage at no cost. This offer is available through Pulse, Pru Life UK’s artificial intelligence-powered health and wellness app that offers holistic health management.

The free COVID-19 protection and PA coverage is a one-time, 45-day insurance, available to the first 500,000 persons who register their profiles on the Pulse app, effective from the date of registration. 
Those who have been diagnosed with, have symptoms of, have been under quarantine for COVID-19, or have been living with a COVID-19 patient at the time of registration is not eligible for this offer. Other excluded conditions are listed in the terms and conditions of the product.

Starting April 13, 2020, all Filipinos aged 18 to 64 can enjoy this limited, exclusive offer, which includes a death benefit or lump sum amount of Php 100,000 for the bereaved family if the insured passes away due to accident, or as a result of COVID-19, subject to terms and conditions. 

Eligible health workers will receive a double COVID-19 death benefit worth Php 200,000. No purchase of any insurance product is required.


Download the Pulse App

Open the Pulse Application and tap the "COVID-19 and Personal Accident
Coverage" Ad

Fill Up the form (DO NOT LIE)

Wait for a minute while the application is processing your certificate

Congratulations you are now insured

Check your email for the complete details and policy of your insurance

Here are some of the details of the email

Believe me or not, millions of us, Filipinos are not ready with the huge impact of the pandemic. We ignored the importance of being a boy scout (Laging Handa!lol). Our recent situation with COVID19 showed us the importance of being prepared; I think being ready in times like this can help in managing future problems like fear & anxiety. 

So what are you waiting for mga kababayan download na and please STAY SAFE at STAY AY HOME. 

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