The Lotus House

So, yeah I was invited to be part of the social media day of Supreme Hotel (only selected bloggers/vloggers can make it to the list).
Part of the event is a food crawl where we visited: Gloria Jean's Coffees, Future Diner and Lotus House.

I believed I just experienced one of the best Chinese restaurants that serves A-U-T-H-E-N-T-I-C Chinese dish. I consider this place as "SPICE HEAVEN". Located in Supreme Hotel, Lotus House is worth a detour for every foodie who would like to experience genuine Chinese flavors.

The Chinese dishes made for our team not only captured the lens of my camera, but also my heart. Madam Ivy prepared our food absolutely amazing because it's full of flavor.

The fried fish topped with ripped mangoes in Lotus House is the absolute winner. The fried fish had an excellent meat and the sweet and spicy flavor of the sauce worked well with the fish, it gave a nice touch to the overall taste. Of course I will never forget the dessert – almond jelly topped with grapes. YUM! What a refreshing way to end the gastronomic journey.

The restaurant gave me a calm and friendly vibes. The balance of colors red and gold will truly give you a royal Chinese vibes.

Social Media Day at Supreme Hotel happened on January 15-16; this is an annual event for selected bloggers/vloggers/content creators from the Philippines. This year, yours truly together with the Baguio Bloggers were invited to join the event.

Social Media 2020 activities includes Food Crawl at Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Future Diner and Lotus House. A tour at Mt. Kalugong located at La Trinidad, Benguet and Spring Festival Media Fellowship at Opal Hall.

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