Fashion & Beyond: Fashion & Model Enthusiasts Baguio Fashion Ball 2019

I was lucky to be invited to the Fashion & Beyond: FAME Baguio Fashion Ball 2019. I have been attending fashion shows in Baguio City for years now and I can say that this fashion ball is THE EVENT that every fashion gaga should experience

Held in the activity area of Venus Parkview Hotel, Baguio City on October 20 participants and members wore their avant-garde fashion looks. 

FAME Baguio or Fashion & Model Enthusiasts of Baguio was founded in 2009, a community of fashion lovers from the city of Pines. Members of FAME Baguio are professionals and accomplished names in fashion and beauty, events, photography, and arts.

Wearing my simple avant-garde look (thanks to all the thrift shops), I can now say that I am a certified FAMEista (did I just create a new word? hahaha). 

While the event celebrated its fifth year, it was also a great moment to reflect on the organization's past and future.

The FAME Baguio Ball won't be successful without the help of the following team:

Fashion and Modeling Teams:
-De Stijl Image Reinvented
-Likha Models Ph
-La Ferb Modeling Management
-Fashion Lab
-Tiara’s Modeling Management
-Royalty Modeling Management
-Signature Models Ph
-Fayre Models
-Topline Models

Official Photographers and Media Team:
-Oshare Community News – Baguio/CAR
-Baguio City Guide
-Macky Benj Blog
-Josef Lopez
-Michael Bactad
-Ronald de Leon
-Santi Ramos

FAME Baguio also gave recognition to individuals who contributed to the fashion world of Baguio City. Congratulations to:

Outstanding Young FAME Baguio Awardees 2019
-Michael Patacstil (Top Awardee)
-Peter Styles
-Karu Villanueva
-Kimverly Calimutan
-Krizia Guevara
-Roxie Baeyens
-Neeve Comanda
-Ernest Tumanut
-Joemay Leo

The Outstanding Young FAME Baguio Awardees

The Pillars of Baguio's Fashion Industry

The night won't be complete without the fashionable awards from our dear sponsors. 

Avant Garde Ladies of the Night
-Viseth Lunang
-Rhianna Treptor

Avant Garde Men of the Night
-Kyle Kimayong
-Zachary Camora

Red Carpet Stunners
Female: Maerel Anne Bernal
Male: King George Bueno

Darlings of the Night
Female: Karen Navarrete – Anton
Male: Ernest Tumanut

Faces of the Night by Elaine Yap:
Female: Brenda Villanueva
Male: Rio Haris Gopeng

Faces of the Night by Kimverly Calimutan:
Female: Rissale Mayrina
Male: Raine Macaraeg

Faces of the Night by Michael Patacsil:
Female: Janifer Boado
Male: Seth Chacapna

Photographers’ Choice
Female: Rhianna Treptor
Male: Kyle Awal

Oshare Best Dressed:
Male: Ericson Galvan
Female: Kimverly Calimutan
LGBT: Rio Haris Gopeng
Kids: Khira Amoyan

Couple of the Night:
Julienne Paran and Kaypee Fadlen

Shoutout to our Master of Ceremonies Ar. Jonard Don Jardenil & Mai Gumaya

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard for this event.

Media Partner Photo

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