New Chaco: No Shell All Chicken from KFC

Photo from KFC Philippines Facebook

*Chaco or chicken taco (I guess) is the latest chicken innovation from KFC, this No Shell All Chicken snack is considered as the "big boss of tacos".

Chaco is made from chicken fillet, and then folded like a taco shell. Inside, it is stuffed with corn kernels, lettuce, salsa sauce and topped with cheese.

The big boss of tacos

The Chaco costs 99 PHP for ala carte, combo for 145 PHP which includes regular drink and small fries and fully loaded meal for 219 PHP which includes a fried chicken and spaghetti.

Here's what I can say about Chaco:

-the presentation in a small box doesn't work for me.
-the price is so-so not that expensive, not that cheap.  
-too little stuffing- too much cheese.
-serving is kinda small.
-I guess they should change the fully loaded meal combination because chaco and spaghetti? a big NO for me.
-Final verdict? I will not buy this new meal, sorry I am not a fan. 

Don't get me wrong guys! I am a lover of KFC, but not this one. Sorry Chaco, no one will replace KFC Twister in my heart.

Chaco topped with cheese

Well, the idea of Chaco is fun and fresh. This can/will attract taco lovers and  is ideal for someone who likes quick afternoon snack. 

Have you tried #KFCChaco? What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I think every new product introduced by KFC is worth trying. KFC has built its trust in me that they only produce the best and satisfying meals or snacks. I even have a favorite in their menu and that is just like yours, the Twister. I like the California Maki Twister variant.

    I have never tried eating this Chaco and based from your review which includes the photos, I have come up with an idea that this is not one of KFC's best innovation. By looking at the photo,you can say that the chicken fillet is too thick and I would want to have that dipped into the gravy to add flavor to the thick meat. You also said that there's only a little stuffing which I think should be otherwise because that will give the flavor that you'll find in the original taco snack. On the other hand, having a lot of cheese is not a problem for me. That's even a plus for me.

    With all these ideas in mind, I must say that I still want to give Chaco a try. After all, KFC is one of my favorite fast food chain. Their products are worth the try. Thanks for sharing this. Now, I know what to expect.