Chocolate Crinkles Recipe

In my last post, I shared my recipe on how to make brownies. Now, here's another easy peasy recipe that you can make your Christmas merrier - the Chocolate Crinkles.

Before we begin, who doesn't even know what Chocolate crinkles are? These chocolate goodies are classic; soft and chewy in the middle and slightly crunchy outside. Covered with powdered sugar crinkles are perfect for the holidays.

Prep Time: 5-7 minutes

Bake Time: 10 minutes


2 1/2  cups all purpose flour
1         cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
2         cups white sugar
2         tsp baking powder
1/2      cup powdered sugar (dusting)
1         tsp salt
1/2      cup vegetable oil
2         tsp vanilla extract
5         eggs (room temperature) 


1.) In a mixing bowl, combine cocoa powder, white sugar and vegetable oil. After mixing for about 3       minutes, add eggs and vanilla extract until thoroughly combined. Set aside. 

2.) In a separate bowl, mix flour, baking powder and salt until evenly combined.

3.) Add the two mixtures together. Make sure they are thoroughly combined. Cover then refrigerate        for 3-4 hours.

4.) Preheat your oven to 165'C (325'F).

5.) Line your baking sheet with a parchment paper.

6.) Remove your dough from the refrigerator, oil your hands and with the use of a small ice-cream           scoop or spoon start measuring out small dough balls. I used 1 tbsp of dough per crinkles.

7.) Coat each ball with powdered sugar (make sure no chocolate dough is visible) before placing             on the baking sheet.

8.) Bake chocolate crinkles for about 10 minutes. Remove tray from the oven and place                               cookies on a  wire rack to cool. 

Enjoy! :)

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