Nivea Men Creme Review

Our skin will change as we grow old and that is inevitable. Whether we like it or not everybody will have fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dry and saggy skin, etc. The good news is; we can minimize these changes by going under the knife or if you're on a tight budget use skin products that are available in the market such as moisturizers.

Moisturizer has a lot of benefits such as preventing and treating dry skin. It also protects, hydrates and improves our skin tone and texture. Some moisturizers also contain anti-aging ingredients.

I am currently using the Master Facial Moisturizer because it manages my breakouts or acne, but as I grow older I noticed that my skin needs more than just a regular moisturizer.

I did a research, went to the supermarket and looked for a moisturizer that will suit my oily and sensitive skin. I found out that there are only limited moisturizers for men.

I bought the 30 ml Nivea Men Creme for 81 php to test. This moisturizer is good for the face, body and hands; however I only used this on my face.

This particular Nivea creme line has a different color tone compared to the classic Nivea. It still has that metal packaging that protects the product inside which I really like because you can bring it anywhere. Upon opening you will see the "protective silver seal" for sanitation purposes.

The white creme has a subtle fresh scent which I prefer when it comes to face products. A pea sized amount of the creme can go a long way; it can cover half of your face.

According to the packaging: "Nivea Men Creme cares for your skin by giving it a boost of hydration and preventing it from drying out" - and yes it did, my face looked hydrated throughout the day/night. The moisturizer is also non-greasy, non-sticky and easy to apply.

I used the Nivea Creme religiously for two weeks and I really saw the difference. My skin looked healthier and felt tighter. 

Here are some things I didn't like about the Nivea Men Creme:
-it feels heavy on my skin
-I broke out, especially around my nose and on my jaw line.
-this moisturizer made my skin looked oilier, so if you have my skin type, I think you should stay away from this product.

 I am still using this moisturizer under my eyes and around my lips. I think men with normal to dry skin will benefit from this new moisturizer. To be honest I am really satisfied with Nivea Men Creme and I will definitely repurchase this product as an under eye creme. I just hope Nivea Men Creme can also combat acne since I have an acne prone skin.

What do you think about my review? Are you also a Nivea Men Creme user? Leave your comments and questions below and I will surely reply.

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  1. I am getting this for my hubby 4 sure

  2. im confused because u say your skin was tighter and healthier but then u say you broke out around your nose and jaw line. ur skin got oily and all that. confused...

    1. I am not sure why this confuses you.. The moisturizer made my skin tight means as if I just came out from the shower and that is a good thing.. Healthier means my skin looked energized and glowing..However there are chemicals in the moisturizer that broke me out.. YES THE PRODUCT IS EFFECTIVE, but it is not suited for my skin..

      Since the product is really hydrating it made my face looked "more oily" (oilier)..

  3. My fiance is a Nivea men creme user too. I don't have that much experience with the brand though. But I know it is good. :D Thanks for sharing Macky!