Shejoje Poshtel Hostel Review - The First Capsule Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines

Your accommodation can often make or break your entire travel experience. Whether you decided to stay in a luxurious suit in fancy resorts, affordable inns or other alternative lodgings it is really important to feel the "home away from home" vibe.

Recently, I had the chance to go back to my mom's hometown; the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and it caters to a lot of accommodations from the most expensive hotels to budget friendly ones.

Shejoje Poshtel Hostel, an affordable and innovative "poshtel" became my home while I was in Cebu. Tagged as the first capsule hotel in Cebu, Shejoje has been helping a lot of travellers and tourists lay away their money. The poshtel is surrounded by different establishments like shopping malls, hospital, convenience stores and restaurants. Taxis and jeepneys are available outside the hotel if you are planning to go somewhere else.

Shejoje is clean and well maintained by the staff. It has 3 bath/comfort rooms, a dress/powder room, a lavatory, reception and lounge area. It has a parking area that can only accommodate one car. They also have an excellent internet wifi connection.

Shejoje has 16 single rooms and 2 deluxe rooms. The rooms are really comfortable (trust me!). I had an uninterrupted good sleep while I was staying here. All rooms have a small fan, mirror and socket. There's a space under the rooms where you can place your bags and luggage, just bring all the important things in your room.

Single Room 
Deluxe Room

The poshtel’s staff is attentive and helpful; you can even hang out with them in the lounge area if they’re not busy. Shejoje has the coolest manager, Miss Acel. She is really nice and sweet and shares a lot of stories, there’s definitely no dull moment with her. I also met one of the beautiful owners, Ms. Joyce and she shared how Shejoje all started. Shejoje poshtel is really welcoming and has a positive aura because of these wonderful people.

I highly recommend Shejoje because it is ideal for everybody, whether you travel alone or with a group. Since Shejoje is considered a capsule hotel it is relatively affordable compared to other accommodations, believe me, you are not going to pay through the nose.

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  1. Looks like an awesome hotel. Hope exploring the place is better ❤️🚀

  2. It looks So Amazing !! I wish to visit this place atleast for once !!

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  4. I want to tell you that you made a mistake in your title. Hostel for Hotel

  5. Beautiful post. Great pictures. Complete information about the hostel.