Land of History & Natural Beauty: Bohol

Bohol is one of the largest islands of the Philippines and is located in the Central Visayas Region. This peaceful province is lying between Cebu in the northwest and Leyte in the northeast.
It's known for its wonderful beaches and resorts. An island in Bohol called Panglao is hailed as one of the best diving sites in the world coz of its unpolluted crystal clear water.  

How to get there:
-By Air:
Route: Manila – Cebu (through ferry) – Bohol
Manila – Bohol

-By Sea
Cebu – Bohol: about an hour and half
Manila – Bohol: more than 24 hours

Panglao Island Resort & Spa

Where to stay:
Our accommodation: JJ Seafood Village

Other accommodations:
Panglao Island Resort & Spa
Dao Diamond Hotel & Restaurant

-Tarsier Conservation Area 
-Chocolate Hills
-Loboc River Cruise
-Man-made Forest
-Blood Compact Monument/Sandugo Shrine
-Bohol Bee Farm
-Dauis Church
-Dumalwal Beach (White Sand) 
-Panglao Beach
-Xzootic Zoo 

-Baclayon Church and Museum
-Hanging Bridge
-Butterfly Sanctuary
-Ship House
-Hinagdanan Cave

My Suggestions & Recommendations:
 -I recommend JJs Seafood Village because of the location, amenities and friendly staff. They also have a restaurant that can cater to 30+ people.
 -If you have extra money, go to Panglao Island Resort & Spa. They have a man-made island where you can relax and enjoy the beach and they also have an "exclusive cave". 
 -Look online for more affordable accommodations.
 Check Here:  Bohol Resorts & Hotels  
 -Hire a car because the tourist destinations are far from each other.
-Bring sun block, food & water.
-Give tip to the musicians in the Loboc River Cruise.
-Try the ice cream in Bohol bee farm (A MUST) and buy a lot of their different flavored spreads. (Pesto and chocolate are the best!)
-Don’t buy souvenirs and pasalubong in shopping malls, help small business owners.
-For souvenirs: T-shirts, key chains, displays, ref magnets, blankets, handmade bags and house decors.
-For pasalubong: piaya (Bohol’s piaya is one of the best!), peanut kisses (never forget this!), peanut fingers, star peanuts and flavored spreads (from bee farm).

Loboc River Musicians 
Flavored Spreads from Bohol Bee Farm

Man-made Island in Panglao Nature Resort & Spa

Bohol will always have a special place in my heart. I really like the peaceful environment and the tropical haven of its natural beauty. I think Bohol’s beaches can also compete with other well known beaches in the Philippines or even in the world. I just hope Boholanos will continue to treasure this province because they don’t know how lucky they are.

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