My Review on Master Oil Control Max with Zero Oil Facial Moisturizer

I started using Master Facial Moisturizer July of 2015. At first I was skeptical to use this because I have a sensitive skin. I read the ingredients and boom! I saw the magic word, SALICYLIC ACID that combats acne. Upon reading everything I bought a sachet (10g.) for 18.25 PHP.
Master facial moisturizer has a “fresh and minty aroma” that men will like. The moisturizer is like a gel and it doesn’t leave that “heavy feeling” on your skin compared to other moisturizers that I tried. It is easy to apply and dries fast.
The product claims that it can control oil for up to 8 hours. Uhmmm, I’m sorry, but it DOES NOT. It can only make me look fresh for 2 hours approx.
It also says that it can minimize pores and leaves your skin “smooth finish”. YUP! IT SURE DOES!.. After applying the product on my skin, I immediately see the difference.
I sometimes use this moisturizer as my primer before applying my foundation. And, it does help in making my foundation last longer.
Compared to my other moisturizer, the Master is better when it comes to price. I think it doesn’t really combat acne that much even though it contains Salicylic Acid.
Will I recommend this product? OF COURSE. I think this product is good for people who have “semi-oily skin.”
So, there you go! That’s my honest review about the Master (Oil Control Max with Zero Oil) Facial Moisturizer.
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  1. I tried using this before. It was good at first then I stopped. What else can you suggest bro?

    1. Hi Man,

      What kind of skin do you have?.. If you have an acne prone skin I suggest you use Celeteque (the white & green).. If you have a normal skin, try Ponds Man.. Right now I am using the new NiveaMan Cream and I'll post the review soon.. :)
      Thank you.